Jelzi az opciók vételét

Ezért az opció árának díjának valahol a Valójában a tényleges díj egy, az ábrán látható szaggatott vonalhoz hasonló, felfelé ívelő görbe mentén helyezkedik el.

Put-Call ratio is based on the assumption that buying intention is stronger e. Therefore, increasing Put-Call ratio indicates bearish, decreasing ratio indicated bullish sentiment on the market.

Then investors act completely the opposite: a high Put-Call ratio signals them to buy call and sell put options, a low Put-Call ratio signals them to buy put and sell call options.

jelzi az opciók vételét

The interpretation of the Put-Call ratio is highly flexible. In option trading the best is to look at the ratio as an indicator of possible extremities.

jelzi az opciók vételét

There is a market euphoria under jelzi az opciók vételét. The low values indicate the expectation of increasing prices. Apart from that, the buying intention is not always dominating the market. On demand-oriented markets, the high Put-Call ratio means that the traders release plenty of OTM Short Put, hoping they would expire worthless and lose their value.

jelzi az opciók vételét

Because of the increasing bullish market mood, they avoid to sell Call options. However, after a certain point the bubble pops, because the prices of futures cannot grow indefinitely.

When the relapse occurs, the writers of Put options start to hedge their positions immediately, and will find it more attractive to sell Call options. This sequence of events leads to a decrease in the value of the Put-Call ratio.

The ones who have seen it coming already have Long Put and Short Call positions and profit from the thoughtlessness of other traders for two reasons. Investors will try to close their positions and volatility will increase along with the purchase offers.

jelzi az opciók vételét

The opposite of this is true for the supply-oriented markets. The frequency of a Put-Call ratio with high value probably indicates that the investors own mainly Long Put options and try to avoid Long Jelzi az opciók vételét options.

Létrehozva: A mutató azt vizsgálja, hogy a Put és Call opciók mennyisége milyen arányban változik.

It may more beneficial to write Put options or to buy Call options in this case. On supply-oriented markets a low Put-Call ratio suggests that investors should sell Call options and buy Put options.

jelzi az opciók vételét